We are proud to introduce the new Innovative generation in car care products.
Designed for the enthusiast and professional alike, the CarPro range of detailing products fill the gap where the other brands stop.
To reach that next level in quality of finish and protection for your vehicle, look for the range of products from CarPro.

A Ceramic Quartz Hydrophobic coating, self cleaning,and very durable.
This unique coating chemical has up to 2 years life time and protects the body and paintwork from harmful UV rays, acid rain and minor scratches.
It creates a self-cleaning effect on the car and helps deter salt, birds droppings, and dirt from the paintwork.
C.Quartz coating Will protect almost any kind of surface you can imagine.
Smart, Simple, and very easy to apply!

Carpro The Cube 9x50ml

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"CarPro The Cube is het ideale pakket om een groot aantal CarPro producten te leren kennen. The Cube bevat 9 flesjes van 50ml - Reset - So2Pure - Spotless - TarX - Reload - Iron.X LS - Hydro2 - Perl - Eraser "
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