At Smartwax, Evolution in Car Care, we believe that smart people deserve smart products.
We set out to engineer a new generation of professional grade autodetailing products that deliver results, are easy to use, fast and effective, look good, smell great, clean, protect, prolong and enhance the appearance of your auto, truck or boat.

Smartwax products are formulated using premium ingredients that will not harm and damage surfaces.
After all if you love something why would you hurt it?

What are we for? We are for clean cars. We're for the smile on your face racing down the highway in a convertible tailing an air stream that still shines like it was new. We're for the shine of a new car, that's 10 years old, the smell of leather, the way new tires shine and the reflection of the sun on a freshly waxed paint...

Smartwax premium line of autodetailing products is highly effective, safe, and packaged with respect for both your design sensibilities and the environment.
Your auto is a reflection of who you are and how you live. So why not live clean, and show the world how you shine...

At Smartwax we believe in making products that are just that... Smart! Made in California, U.S.A.

SmartWax SmartDetail mini 50ml

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SmartDetail is een spray- en afneem wax en detail glansverbeteraar, die een diepe wet-look glans op uw lak geeft en glas hersteld in slechts enkele minuten. SmartDetail kan ook worden gebruikt als milieuvriendelijke waterloze carwash voor licht bevuilde wagens.
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