CarPro Gliss Hyper Slick Top Coat 50ml

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"Make your own bliss… Slide through gloss into GLISS! If I were to ask you what two factors fill every true car care enthusiast with happiness, what would you say? For most it is the gloss and incredible feeling of a perfect slick smooth and pure finish! THAT is the essence of GLISS… With GLISS, CarPro brought new advances in nanotechnology to bare and designed an all-new hyper-smooth, hyper-glossy, and easy to apply ceramic nano coating that excels as a top-coat for all CQuartz coatings! Utilizing modified long chain carbon fluorine polymers and enhanced nano-technology, GLISS provides increased resistance to, static buildup, dust retention, and many types of mineral and water stains! This incredible next-gen coating serves multiple purposes and even excels as a stand-alone paint protection and enhancement system with a HYPER slick surface that will make your jaw drop! "
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